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What Does Sustainability Really Mean? What Does Sustainability Really Mean?

What Does Sustainability Really Mean?

At FIORA®, sustainability means thinking about the needs of today and tomorrow. It means taking care to conserve and protect our natural resources, making sure that they’re around for generations to come. Sustainability is our promise to you.

FIORA® Guiding Sustainability Principles

  • Meet the highest level of sustainability while meeting our customers’ needs.
  • Source forest-based paper products, base paper, and pulp from sustainable sources that can be traced to a sustainably-managed forest.
  • Comply with environmental regulations, and when possible, adopt even stricter practices to protect the environment.
  • Treat our employees and the communities in which we operate with respect.

To keep that promise, we’ve formed a strategic partnership with Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP). APP is our primary base-paper supplier and has one of the most comprehensive Forest Conservation Policies in the industry. This policy includes:

APP Forest Conservation Policy

Zero Deforestation

What it means: APP develops only non-forested areas and has ended natural forest clearance throughout its supply chain

Why it matters: These measures conserve natural forests and help to secure a reliable supply of raw materials.

Peatland Protection

What it means: APP is committed to protecting peatland areas from supplier development.

Why it matters: Peatland ecosystems store tremendous amounts of C02 in their soil. Protecting these areas helps to reduce C02 emissions and to preserve the habitats of endangered species.

Community Engagement

What it means: APP is committed to respecting the rights of indigenous people and practices Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) on new developments.

FPIC gives communities the right to give or withhold their consent to projects that affect land that they own, live on, or use.

Why it matters: APP is committed to increasing the welfare of native communities and deepening trust and relationships.

Responsible Sourcing

What it means: APP sources from suppliers who support responsible forest management. Responsibly-managed forests are designated forests that are carefully monitoring and managed. Felled trees are replaced and care is taken to protect the natural environment.

Why it matters: APP is fully compliant with environmental regulations throughout its supply chain.

Learn more about our partnership with APP.

The pulp fiber used in FIORA® products comes from forests and wood sources that meet Sustainability Benchmarks set by the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™).

PEFC™ Sustainability Benchmarks

What it means: The PEFC™ is the world's largest certification program for responsibly sourced forest products. The organization’s Sustainability Benchmarks, standards that are respected worldwide, work to promote responsible forest management.

Why it matters: The PEFC™’s Sustainability Benchmarks protect natural forests, ecologically important forest areas, and the rights of indigenous people.

The pulp and base paper used in FIORA® products are made at facilities that are Chain of Custody (CoC) certified by the PEFC™

PEFC™ Chain of Custody Certification

What it means: CoC certification is a way to track materials throughout the entire FIORA® supply chain, from forest to production.

Why it matters: Tracking materials ensures that the materials used to make FIORA® products come from sustainably managed forests. These designated forests are carefully monitored and managed. Felled trees are replaced and care is taken to protect the natural environment.

Learn more about our partnership with PEFC™

Together with our partners, FIORA® is proud to bring you paper products that aren’t just soft, strong and dependable, but earth-friendly, too! Coming from sustainably-managed forests to a store close to home, our toilet paper, paper towels and tissues are products that you, your family, and future generations can feel good about.


PEFC-Certified for Sustainability

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