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Pass the tissues! 13 movies that will make you cry Pass the tissues! 13 movies that will make you cry

Pass the tissues! 13 movies that will make you cry

  1. Titanic (1997)

    A story of romance and tragedy aboard an infamously “unsinkable” ship.


  2. My Girl (1991)

    A coming-of-age story about eleven-year-old best friends Vada and Thomas.


  3. The Notebook (2004)

    In the 1940s, a poor man and a rich girl find love in a hopeless place.


  4. Jack (1996)

    Born with a rare genetic disorder, 10-year-old Jack has the body of 40-year-old man.


  5. Atonement (2007)

    A story of love, war, and a sister’s effort to make amends for her grave mistake.


  6. Steel Magnolias (1989)

    Six small-town women form an unshakeable bond through good times and bad.


  7. Life as a House (2001)

    A father diagnosed with terminal cancer sets out to rebuild a house and forge a new relationship with his son.


  8. A Walk to Remember (2005)

    A rebellious high-school senior is changed for the better when he forms an unlikely relationship with an innocent, unpopular girl.


  9. Marley & Me (2008)

    A newly-wed couple get more than they bargained for when then adopt Marley, a rambunctious labrador puppy.


  10. Still Alice (2015)

    A renowned professor grapples with the life-altering effects of early-onset Alzheimer's disease.


  11. The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

    Inspired by true events. A single father struggles to provide a better life for himself and his son.


  12. Toy Story 3 (2010)

    Now that Andy’s going off to college, his childhood toys are in for their wildest adventure yet.


  13. P.S. I Love You (2007)

    A young widow receives messages planned by her late husband to help her deal with his death.


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