Frequently Asked Questions

Are there coupons available for FIORA® products?

  • We occasionally offer coupons that you can print at home. Visit our Coupons & Offers page to see available offers.

Can I purchase FIORA® products online?

  • At this time, FIORA® products are not sold online.  To find a physical retailer near you, use our Find Near Me tool.

What is used in the Lavender scented products?

  • FIORA® Lavender Scented Core toilet paper is created by applying essential oil to the core of our paper roll, rather than the tissue. The oil contains both natural and synthetic ingredients, with the exact ingredient list considered proprietary by our fragrance partner.

What are the ingredients in FIORA®?

  • All FIORA® Brand products are made with 100% pure virgin fiber that doesn't include any optical brightening agents (OBA's) such as bleach. No animal by-product or animal derived materials are used in our products either. 

What is a MEGA roll?

  • Our FIORA® Mega toilet paper rolls are soft, strong and offer 4x more sheets per roll than a leading brand's regular roll.1

Where can I buy FIORA® products?

  • To find a FIORA® retailer near you, enter your zip code into our Find Near Me tool. Please note, not all products are available in all stores.

What does PEFC certification mean?

  • PEFC, the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification, is the world’s largest forest certification system. Forest certification systems ensure sustainable forest management by monitoring forestries, tracing and labeling forest products, and certifying that they meet certain standards. All FIORA® products are PEFC certified. Read more at What Does Sustainability Really Mean?

What is a product UPC?

  • The UPC (Universal Product Code) consists of 12 numeric digits that are uniquely assigned to each item sold in stores, and the associated barcode is used for scanning items at the point of sale. This number helps us identify each of our products specifically.


What is a product Manufacture Code?

  • This number helps us track where and when a product is produced. It can be found inside the core of each roll, and is extremely helpful in our product improvement process.


1 Compared to Angel Soft’s regular roll with 132 sheets


PEFC-Certified for Sustainability

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